Friday, January 22, 2016

1/22/16 Report - Two Million Dollar Dime. Tiffany Gate Link Ring Cleaned. Safety For Using Muriatic Acid.

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This 1894 S Barber dime was sold at a Heritage Auction on January 7, 2016 for nearly $2,000,000.  Only ten of these are known to exist.

Here is the link for more about that.


Yesterday I talked about cleaning encrusted coins.  Things besides coins need cleaning.  Rings and other things can be encrusted too.

Silver Tiffany Gate Link Ring.
Find and photo by Robert H.
Notice the Tiffany and Co. mark and the silver mark.

Gate Link Ring After Cleaning.
Photo by Robert H.
That is a unique ring.  Very nicely cleaned.  A used ring like this would probably sell for nearly $400.

Tiffany Ring on Sizing Mandrel.
Photo by Robert H.
Bill Popp, who originally explained the Muriatic Acid cleaning method for this blog, sent an email and said, " ... muriatic acid at room temp does not attack copper, silver or gold... Any other metal coin may be junk anyway (aluminum?)..."

I didn't mention gold because it rarely needs cleaning, although old pieces will occasionally collect a little coral or something.  If the crust is only light, I'd probably let it stay. It depends.

Thanks for sharing Robert and Bill.

I should remind you that Muriatic Acid is a strong acid and requires safety precautions.  Wear protective gloves, goggles and do not breathe the fumes.  Do not use it in the house or around furniture or other items that can be damaged.  Do not get it on your skin.  Store it safely.

Here is a web site explaining the safety precautions.

Muriatic Acid is used to maintain swimming pools and can be purchased at pool supply stores.


The weather is changing.  This morning the wind was more from the south, but now it is more from the west.

The surf will be small this weekend, but increase Tuesday.  The tides are decent, with negative lows.

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