Thursday, January 28, 2016

1/28/16 Report - Old U. S. Coins and Veteran's Commenmorative Medal Finds From Inland Sites.

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Couple Nice Finds by Dan B.
These are inland finds.  As often happens with worn Mercury dimes, the last digit is unreadable.  As you can see, the Barber dime is a 1908.

Nice finds Dan.


William M. also has been hunting inland and making nice finds.  Here is a nice Barber quarter.

1898 Barber Quarter Found by William M.

Back of Same Quarter.

Veteran's Commemorative Medal
Found by William M.

Other side of same medal shown
at right.

William also found this medallion.  The front (right) reads, "Honoring The American Veteran."

William found some other good items along with these.

The medal is obviously not as old at the Barber quarter.  Great finds!

Thanks to Dan and William for the find photos!


It isn't easy to find old U. S. coins on Treasure Coast beaches.  As I stated, those shown above were recently found at inland sites.

As strange as it might seem, it is easier to find 18th century Spanish coins on most Treasure Coast beaches than it is to find U. S. coins from the 1800s or even early 1900s.  Our beaches were not heavily populated in the 18 and early 19 hundreds.

I've seldom seen old U. S. coins that appeared to wash up onto our local beaches, and those were usually barely recognizable.  Of the Barber and other older coins that I've found on Treasure Coast beaches, most seemed to come out of the dunes rather than being washed up.  

I spent one very good day years ago digging many old U. S. coins that washed out of the dunes at Jupiter Inlet.  I thought it was a little strange that I didn't hit any Spanish cobs that day even though cobs did wash out of the same dunes at other times.  That was back before the Jupiter wreck was located and salvaged.


Very rainy the past couple of days.  We'll have a few days of small surf now.

Happy hunting,