Saturday, January 23, 2016

1/23/15 Report - A Look At Some Beaches Today During A Strong West Wind.

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John Brooks Beach Saturday Afternoon Shortly After Low Tide.
You've probably been watching the weather, either from up north or locally.  There was a lot of weather this weekend.  Some of the beaches up north are undoubtedly eroding or improving in places.  Very cold though.

Www.surfchex,com provides good video views of North Carolina beaches.  Check it out.  Thanks to Gosports1 for that link.

The first thing I did this morning was check some of the beach cams.

As you can see from the above photo, John Brooks beach is very much like it was a few days ago with the exception that the front beach has been shaped some by water coming over the hump and then running off.   If you go back a few days, you'll see that the beach has not changed much.

Cuts With Sand Filling From Back Beach.

It was a little unusual.  The strong west wind was blowing sand from the back of the beach down over the cuts and into the water.

I watched the wind this morning switch from southwest to northwest.  We've had a lot of fronts and shifting wind this year.

The wind was blowing out while the tide was up this morning.  That kept the water down some.

Walton Rocks Beach Shortly After Low Tide Saturday.
As you can see there were small cuts at both Walton Rocks and John Brooks beaches.

There were good numbers of shells at Walton Rocks.  A few days ago after the high tide there was also a good coin line there.

Shells At The Water Line.
There were also a few pieces of fossils today.

Shell And Fossil From Today.
There is a full moon out tonight that which coincide with the high tide.

There has been a lot to watch the last few months.  Not a huge amount of good detecting but some, and there have been enough changes that could open things up fairly quickly.

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