Saturday, January 16, 2016

1/16/16 Report - Vero Coin Show. Discovered Shipwrecks. A Little More On Marbles. Ghostwriting.

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The Treasure Coast Coin an Currency Show will be January 16 and 17 at the Vero Community Center at 2266 14th Ave in Vero.  Saturday it will be from 10 to 5, and Sunday 10 til 3.


I got myself more interested in yet another type of collectible.  I didn't really need that.

I talked a little about marbles a couple of days ago.  Then I learned more about it. For example, I learned how to look for pontil marks.  That is what tells you that a marble was hand-made.

Here is something else I learned.  Among opaque marbles, black and white are the most common. They were used for voting.  A white marble represented a "yes" vote, and a black marble, a "no" vote. That appears to be the origin of the term "blackballing."

Here is another good link if you are interested in learning more about marbles.

And here is how you can tell old from newer marbles.


You might remember when they were looking for the missing Malaysian airliner, MH370.  In the process a lot of ocean was inspected, and some shipwrecks were found.

Here is one image from that search.

Here is the link for more about that.

And here is another link showing another image (top) obtained during the search for MH370.


It seems like every time I show someone a book or article that I wrote, they say they are going to write a book.  It seems like almost everyone thinks they are going to write a book of some sort, yet most don't.  Not only do most people never write their book, but even a lot of the biggest authors never write a book.  Celebrities usually don't actually write their books.  They use ghostwriters. Writing a good serious book takes a lot of time, is tedious and is a skill that you do not pick up without spending a lot of time working at it.

There are a lot of little books on hobbies like metal detecting that are pretty good and some sell, but they aren't really what they could be.  They usually lack something that prevents them from being really good.

In this blog, I don't spend time refining my writing.  I put my time into getting good content,  and that has been successful beyond anything I imagined when I started.  This is a different format.  I just say whatever I've been thinking of or whatever comes up. I do provide a lot of content here, and much of it is completely original.

I used to do a radio program and I often interviewed other authors on my program.  One author, for example, wrote a book about NFL coach Tony Dungy.  I interviewed the author that actually wrote his book, and in that case, unlike many others, Tony was not claiming to be the author.

I was interviewed in a blog for writers.  They wanted me to tell other authors how to pitch their books if they wanted to be selected for radio interviews.  That was back before I started this blog.

I'm almost feel like a ghostwriter for myself.  I just do the work.   Many people help by sending me photos or information.  That helps a lot, and I wanted to thank all of those who have contributed.


It is one beautiful day out there.  The water is smooth and the tide got low.

Happy hunting,