Friday, January 8, 2016

1/8/16 Report - Big Guns (Subsurface Radar?) At Turtle Trail Today. Sand Accumulating.

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 Turtle Trail Beach Being Scanned Today.
This unit was being used on Turtle Trail today.  It took them a while to put it together, and then they seemed to have a bit of trouble before getting it working.  I think it was about noon before they got started on the beach.  They got help from Vero based Moran Electric.

Closer View
Set Up In The Parking Lot.
Moran Electric.
I think the contractors were called in because of some problem with the unit.

I have a lot of other things to talk about, but thought this was interesting and wanted to get it  posted so you could see it.

Maybe you can see that there is a computer display screen in front of each of the fellows carrying the detector.  I don't really know if it is subsurface radar, but that is what I would guess.

I'm turning into a reporter or sorts.

Two feet of sand accumulated south of Turtle Trail in the last couple of days.  It was up some yesterday, but today most of the blue bags were covered again.

There were also some posts that were sticking out another couple of feet a couple of days ago.

Beach At Ambersand Access Around Noon Today.

I took a look at Ambersands, which I haven't seen in quite some time.  It was pretty firm.  Better than I recall from the last time I was there.

Beach North Of The McLarty Museum.

I also took a look at the beach north of McLarty.  There were some dips and at places there were cuts into the renourishment sand.

I've have a lot to write about and some lengthy discussions, but I'll get into that some other day.

The surf will be slacking off for a few days now.

The area south of Turtle Trail will be something to watch for at least the next month or so.  As I've said, it has been going on and off and on again lately.  I plan to talk about why that might be.

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