Tuesday, December 10, 2013

12/10/13 Report - Street Sweeper Detector and First Look New at Poll Results

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As I said in a previous post, I've playfully given thought to building a large frame to carry multiple coils to be dragged over a wide area.   Jim H. sent in a link showing Tesoro's street sweeper. 

Street Sweeper Metal Detector.
See link for source.
This street sweeper covers a wide swath to detect large metal objects.  The difference between my fantasy contraption and this street sweeper would be that mine would employ multiple smaller coils so that it could pinpoint multiple small targets in the area covered by the frame.  It would not simply be wide, but have depth as well as length.

The Tesoro street sweeper only detects larger targets and does not pinpoint.

Here is the source link.


As long as I'm talking about Tesoro, I have to remind you to not be fooled if you see Tesoro's "lifetime" warranty advertised.  It is not a lifetime warranty.  As soon s they declare a particular model obsolete and do not stock parts to repair that model, the "lifetime" warranty is over by simple declaration on their part.  That is false advertising.   I own two Tesoro detectors that, according to them, have out-lived their  "lifetime" warranty.

The most recent blog poll has concluded and the results are in.  I learned at least one important thing immediately upon looking at the results.  I'll talk about that one important finding today.

If you remember the poll that was conducted after Sandy and the first one conducted at the end of November, I found that 15 people reported finding cobs or other treasure coins for both of those time periods.  The one thing that I didn't appreciate and was wrong about, is the number of people that did not detect during those time periods.  I simply assumed that most people who read this blog probably detected and the number that did not detect was very small.

What I learned is tht most people who responded to the latest poll did indeed detect in November, but there was also a significant number that did not.  According to the latest poll results, 28% of the poll respondents did not detect in November.

Instead of simply generalizing from the number of poll respondents, now that I have an idea of how many do not detect during a period like that for one reason or another, I have to take that into account in my conclusions.

There are a variety of reasons that people might not detect besides the fact that they don't want to or can't find the time.  Some don't live in the area.  I've mentioned before the number of snow birds that read this blog as well as people who simply live in other parts of the country or out of the country.

After taking into account the 28% who did not detect in November, it was not 15% of those who detected that found cobs or treasure coins, but something more like 20% of those that did detect that found cobs or treasure coins.  In other words, if you did detect in November, when I rated beach detecting conditions as being level three, one in five detectorists found cobs or treasure coins.  That gives us a better idea of the probabilities of making a cob or treasure coin find under those conditions (level 3).

That adds another important piece of information.  Thanks to L. B. who said some things that gave me the idea that I needed to collect data to see how many people did not detect but responded to the poll.  That is one more piece to the puzzle and helps to build our knowledge base.  It also helps me to better quantify my beach detecting conditions ratings.

I'll address other poll findings concerning what exactly was found this November in future posts.  There are other important poll results.

Thanks for your participation in the poll.

Here is a fascinating story about a $10 million, 3000 year-old, small Assyrian gold tablet and its travels that was originally purchased during WWII for cigarettes and food.


It looks like we'll see nothing higher than a five foot surf this week on the Treasure Coast.  I'm not predicting any significant change in beach detecting conditions.

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