Tuesday, December 24, 2013

12/24/13 Report - Night Before Christmas Edition PLUS Afternoon Update

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UPDATE:  This afternoon evidently a front came through.  The wind picked up and was coming strongly from the North.  There is a very good chance that there will be some action at the beach today and/or tomorrow.  I probably won't do a post tomorrow, so wanted to alert you to the possibility of some erosion.  TG.

Child's Book That Survived
From the 1930s.

Did you ever give any thought to what treasure is and what makes it treasure?   What are the most important things to you?

This article tells how one man's treasures were stolen and returned after they were found in a recycling plant.


It seems to me there are magic moments in life.  They are times when it seems something special happens.  You might call it magical.   Those times stand out.  They make you feel more alive somehow.  They are intense and memorable.  They are different for different people.  For some it might be when their first child was born, or it might be a special childhood Christmas, or it might be when a loved one recovered from a critical injury or disease.   Or it might happen when you gaze upon a marvelous scene of creation.

Those special moments are experienced more intensely than others and are remembered unlike any others.  Those special moments change lives.   They are more felt than understood.  

I hope you can think back and identify some special moments in your life.  I can.  And strangely enough they aren't always the kind that can be described in a way that makes them sound special to anyone else.  In fact some of them are times when nothing much happened at all.  They were times when there was no big event - no accomplishment or unusual happening - nothing much at all to really separate them from any of the more common moments in life.

Those uneventful magic moments seem to come from within rather than from any thing that happened.

Too often those moments aren't really acknowledged at the time and you only realize how special they were when you look back in time.  Maybe to Christmases past or something like that.

Maybe you can recall the magic of one or more Christmases past.  Maybe you can recall being so excited to see what Santa might bring that you couldn't go to sleep.  That kind of magic seems to get lost with age, and maybe it should, but maybe not.

I think magical moments should be fostered.  They should be planted, fertilized, and most carefully  encouraged and maintained.  They are far too rare.

I don't think those moments come from events even though they might be associated with events.  They come more from  inside.  For me, and I don't mean to offend anyone that doesn't believe similarly, they come more from spirit than flesh.  You could call them supernatural, but to me there is nothing more natural than spirit, and so there is nothing supernatural about the supernatural, as contradictory as that might sound.

\I believe those special moments have very much to do with the spirit of man being revived and refreshed by a fresh breath of Spirit, as quick and fleeting as it may be.

I believe it is not so much what happens as what you bring to it.  You can only find the magic in life to the extent you are able and willing.  A lively spirit and soul will find much more magic in life.

What is more magical than life itself?  The fact that you get to open your eyes and look around.  The fact that you can make decisions and take action.  The fact that you are here, alive and aware at this time and place in history.  The fact that you can interact with and influence the lives of others.  The fact that you can interact with, know, support and encourage others.

There are many who won't feel those magic moments this Christmas, or much of any other time either.  I don't condemn them.  There might be very big reasons for that.  Hurt, loss or sorrows.  Heaven knows we've all lost too much of life.  It seems that magic is a real rarity these days in most lives.  Crudeness is the norm.   Something has been lost that needs to be found and returned.

What I hope you find this Christmas, or anytime you can, is that deep appreciation for the magic of life.  And when you are touched by it, try to spread it around.  I can use all of it I can get. That is real treasure to me.

And now, here is a picture of the TreasureGuide and some of his family and friends.


May you have the true spirit of Christmas everyday.