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12/19/13 Report - Big New Excavation of Vero Man Site to Begin in January, Lead Ingots From Roman Shipwrecks, and Tlingit Helmet

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Did you know that the Treasure Coast has one of the most important Ice Age sites in North America?  We do.   It is known as the Old Vero Man site in Vero Beach.

Famous Mammoth Bone Carving
Found by James Kennedy
Photo from Palm Beach Post link below.
 A new excavation by the Mercyhurst Archaeologica Institute will begin at the Vero Man site in January of 2014.  The site was discovered nearly 100 years ago.

I've mentioned this site before in this blog and once attended a conference in Vero about the world-famous mammoth carving that showed that men lived along with mammoths in Florida during the Ice Age.

Artifacts from the dig will be analysed and then returned to Vero Beach for display.

Here is the source of that story.

Not surprisingly the article fails to mention the local amateur who found the most famous artifact from that site, James Kennedy.

Here is a link to how James discovered the famous carving on the bone after he had the bone stored under his sink for three years.

Lead ingots from old Roman shipwrecks are used to line modern equipment used in dark matter research creating a controversy between archaeologists and physicists.  The old lead ingots are well suited to the purpose, being less radioactive.

Archaeologists don't think the ingots from the past should be used up for modern scientific research.  The article questions which is the most important, an item form the past or research for the future.

Tlingit War Helmet Discovered in Science Museum.

Where is the best place to search for lost ancient artifacts?   In museum storage vaults.   Of course, in addition to being hidden and forgotten, they also could be misidentified or unidentified.

The helmet shown here was recently discovered after many years of not seeing light of day.

How could something so nice be forgotten for so long?

Below is the link to the story.

The surf on the Treasure Coast is around three feet today.  It will be increasing to about five feet by Christmas.

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