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12/7/13 - Pearl Harbor Day, Sword, Atocha and Margarita Finds, and More Sand Planned for IR County & Sebastian

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Recovered from USS Oklahoma Sunk at Pearl Harbor.

Indian River County wants to dump more sand on their beaches.  WOW!  Isn't that surprising?
Actually it seems that dumping more sand on the beaches has become a continuous project.  Millions and millions of dollars of sand that makes its way into the ocean.

According to,  As early as January, the county hopes to once again rebuild some of these (John’s Island to Treasure Shores Park) beaches, but the scope will be much smaller this time as money for only about 155,000 cubic yards of sand is budgeted.

Also in January, the Sebastian Inlet District will begin rebuilding a three-mile stretch of beach starting about a half a mile south of the inlet to about a half a mile south of Ambersand Beach.

If you ever wondered where this sand comes from, as I have, the article names some places including the Ranch Road Lake Mine, the mine the county utilized for its $15 million John’s Island to Treasure Shores project.

They also mention the David Mine and Henry Fischer’s 86th and 17th Street Mines, and the Hammond Mine.

The article says, The Sebastian Inlet project doesn’t have such stumbling blocks thanks to a sand trap deep in the belly of inlet, about 2,000 feet from the A1A bridge.

I always like to know where sand is coming from because the sand might have some goodies in it. as was the case for the sand dumped at Amber Sands, which held old coins that were released when there was erosion.

Here is the link for that article.

Yesterday I showed a Civil War sword found by a young boy.  The photo above is of a sword recovered from the USS Nebraska that sank in Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941.  To most of us that date might be a little uncertain in our memories, but to those of the WWII generation, that is a date that is much like the assassination of JFK for the next generation who can tell you exactly where they were when they heard the news.  I was in a high school English class.

Here is a web site on military swords including US Navy regulation swords.

And here is a web site about the salvage of the ships of Pearl Harbor including the Oklahoma.

The Mel Fisher organization reports that the crew of the Dare has recovered more silver coins from the trail of the Margarita, and the crew of the Magruder is finding lead split shot and musket balls and some other stuff on the trail of the Atocha.

Unfortunately the earlier predictions for an eleven foot surf in a week or so has already been reduced - nearly cut in half.  I thought that might happen.

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