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12/30/13 Report - Search for Two People - Class Ring & Dog Tag Owners & Diamond Ring Found in Car

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Photos of Finds by Dan B.
Yesterday I suggested going off-beach while waiting for beach conditions to improve.  Dan B. did that, and in the process he found a silver half and a dog tag.  He is searching for the owner of the dog tag.  Dan's finds were from two different sites.

The Franklin half is 90% silver.  In poor condition it might bring around $12 and in perfect condition, around $35.

Nice coin.

The dog tag is being researched.  If you can locate the owner, let Dan know.  Dan is researching it right now.

Michael E., as I explained the other day, has been detecting less than a year and so a lot of his finds are his first of a particular type.

Now he has found his first class ring.

If you've been reading this blog you might know of a couple of finds Michael has been able to return to the original owner.  One was a diamond ring.  That was covered by the news, and I also posted about a St. Christopher medal that Michael returned.  That post was just a couple of days ago.

Michael E.'s First Class Ring Find.

Michael E. is now searching for the owner of this class ring.

Only the initials are inscribed inside the ring.

I suspect he'll be able to return this one too.  He has been in contact with the school, but the staff is on holiday right now.

One resource, and I doubt that it is the most expeditious but it is worth mentioning, is the following web site.

These days it is not difficult to contact the school itself,   Most have facebook pages or web sites.

As I've explained before, make sure you find the right person.  There are people who will attempt to claim items that do not belong to them.  Use some judgement in the process to ensure that you don't get scammed.

Hold some information back that you can use to ensure you have the right person.

I would be very surprised if this owner of this one is not found before long.

I was thinking that local reporters might run down the owner.  It would make a good local news story.

Michael made this find off-beach.  He has been hunting the soccer field that he had hunted before.

Here is what Michael said.

... same soccer fields I've been working since I mailed you about that few months back. In total so far from these fields has been 3 10k rings including the class, 2 925 rings and 2 925 chains and pendants, over $50 in clad. But that doesn't matter I am hoping to return this class ring.

A Midas service technician found a diamond engagement ring in the car he was working on.  The ring was lost for six years before being found and returned.

Here is the link to that story.

On the Treasure Coast we have north winds today, but the surf is only around three feet.  In a few days we'll be getting a little more surf, but probably not enough to help beach conditions much.

Low tide today will be around noon.

I've really been enjoying my new photo equipment and am learning a lot from getting better close up views of things.  

A lot of times you will discover something about a find many months or years after it was found.  Some very important discoveries have been made that way.

As I've said in the past, the find is only the beginning.  

Happy Hunting,