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12/14/13 Report - Design Features of 1711 - 1713 Mexican Escudos and Beach Conditions

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Type of Cross Shown on 1711 - 1713 Mexican Escudos.
Illustration from Cobs, Treasure Coins and Pieces of Eight
 \\\by Sewall Menzel.

Yesterday I showed a photo of a one-escudo found by one of this blog's readers.  Today I'll examine some of the features of cobs like that.

First, 1711 - 1713 Mexico escudos displayed a cross with "crosslets" at right angles to each arm, as opposed to the box-ended cross of immediately preceding years.  See the illustration here as compared to the photo of the one-escudo that was submitted.


One-Escudo from Yesterday's Post.

The date of this cob, partially shown on the other side of the cob, is 1711.

The design of the cross we see here seems to match that date period.

I'm certainly not a cob expert.  I just pass along what little I've learned from good resources and experience.

If I got any of this wrong, feel free to correct me.

Shield Design For 1711 - 1713 Mexican Escudos.
Same Menzel Source.

Escudos of this date and mint show the OXMJ mint mark and assayers initials, and the Bourbon arms covers most of the lower-right castle.

The date, as you can see, is displayed at the upper left corner of the shield.  And the denomination to the right of the shield.  This particular illustration shows VIII, indicating the illustration is for an eight-escudo rather than a one-escudo.

Here is the photo of the one-real that I showed yesterday.  The shield matches up well.

You can not see the denomination to the right of the shield on the one-escudo, but you can see the partial date at the upper left corner of the shield.

I got out to the beach this morning finally.  The wind was blowing out of the South.  Here is one of the better looking spots that I saw.  The cut in front was about two feet at the highest.

I stopped at another beach, which had no cuts at all.

The front of the beach had a lot of shells that were covered by sand a little sand.  That hasn't changed much for a few weeks.

I'm sticking with my 1 (poor) beach conditions rating.  I think that is what it has been since December and maybe the last week or so of November.

Conditions are poor, but still better than summer conditions.

Here is the fascinating account of a fellow that was saved after spending 60 hours 100 feet underwater in a sunken tug boat.   Amazing!

I think I would have died.  The survivor found the Psalms to be a very present help in a time of trouble.

Unlike most big web sites, I'm not selling, advertising or promoting anything here.  Just a reminder.

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