Friday, December 6, 2013

12/6/13 Report - Civil War Sword, Drones for Detectorists and Big Surf Coming

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Dug Civil War Sword
Two topics were on my mind this morning - Pearl Harbor Day (Sat.) and swords.   It is obvious why the first came to mind, but I don't know why swords came to mind.

I guess I was remembering a sword found on the beach just south of the walk-way at Turtle Trail quite a number of years ago.  Sometimes things just come to mind.  Anyhow, one thing leads to another.

It isn't always seasoned wisdom or tons of effort that results in remarkable finds.  Sometimes it is accident, good luck, or maybe even the unseen power behind the fickle finger of fate.  In any case, youth and novices have made more than their fare share of remarkable finds.

The Civil War sword shown above was found by a first grader in 2010.  It was originally reported in the now defunct Clarke Daily News.

Here is the link to the story.

Pretty neat how this boy got interested in finding Civil War items.   Nice story!

Did you ever want to know what the beach is doing a few hundred yards up ahead around the bend but not feel like making the walk?  With all of the talk about drones these days, wouldn't it be nice to send one up along the beach with a camera?   Or across the river?   It could save a lot of driving or walking.

Here is a site where you can buy your own personal drone, or better yet, hit the spouse up for one as a Christmas present.

That goes right along with one of my other ideas of building a frame that has a number of detector coils mounted on it that you could pull behind a vehicle.   The signal would cause a spray can to spray a spot where the target was detected.   You could cover a lot of ground that way.  What do they say about idle minds?

On a more serious note, did you see the 11 foot seas predicted for next Friday.

Predicted Surf For the Near Future

From past experience, I'd say there is a slim chance that we'll actually get an eleven foot surf, but I guess there is some chance.  And if it does happen, that is enough that it would probably produce much improved detecting conditions.

We'll just have to wait and see if it really happens.

The poll only has about 60% of the number of respondents that I'd like to get for the newest blog poll.   A lot of people have turned their attention to Christmas shopping and the like.

I've already gleaned one piece of good information from the blog, but need to wait for more responses to make sure.   I appreciate your responses.

Happy hunting,