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12/8/13 Report - Off-Beach Detecting, Sand Up Close

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Variety of Finds by William M.
Photo by William M.
William M. decided to go off-beach for a while since beach conditions have deteriorated from what they were back in November.  He came up with a nice variety of finds.

It is a good idea to scout around and detect some other types of areas once in a while.  For one thing, you'll learn a different type of detecting and increase your skill level.   That is one reason I advise trying some different types of sites from time to time.

William said, I hiked the Indian River Ridge area today.  Some odd finds to say the least..
here are a few of them.. lead seal, clay marble, seed bead, odd buttons...and my strangest find this is solid bronze or copper and it appears to be a miniature sarcophagus.

Nice finds William!   You never know what you might find when you hunt older areas.

If you missed it, back a few days ago I gave a link to a good article on the history of the Indian River Ridge.  You might want to go back and reread it.

According to, Clay marbles were first made in America in 1884 by The Akron Toy Company. Prior to 1884 they were imported from Germany.

Billions of the plain clay marbles were made in the USA from 1884 until about 1950...

I've eye-balled quite a few later glass marbles on off-beach locations, but clay marbles are older and a good sign of an older site.

Dan B. said,  Finally figuring out how to really use my detector. My yard has alot of debris and bullets, so i have never really tried to clean it up. Yesterday i had some time and decided to only hunt high hits and put my detector to the test. Found my first silver quarter, and a wheat penny. Had alot of fun. The pinpointer really makes it exciting. My 3 year old loves it. I just dig the plug and move on, and she does the rest.

You might be surprised by what you find in your own back yard.  I highly recommend it.  You'll find that it is a lot different than detecting at the beach.  You might have interference from power lines to deal with, and lots of junk and other metal such as fence posts or rebar in drive ways or foundations, roofing nails, etc.   You will probably learn something new about using your detector by working under those circumstances.  

I still take my detector out in my yard once in a while, and I've done it many times before. 

Yesterday I was talking about sand and some of the sand mines that are used and will be used for the upcoming renourishment projects at Indian River County and Sebastian.

Dan took a close-up look at some black sand using a microscope and his iphone.

Photo of Sand by Dan B.

Here is a picture of the stuff you walk on when you go to the beach.  Really quite beautiful.

As I told Dan, I it was sort of funny that he sent these photos right after I was looking at some minute pieces of quartz adhering to a an old silver coin.  I was using a high powered jewelers loop and the quartz particles looked very much like little diamonds.  I was struck by how pretty they were.

I never tried to take a photo through my loop.  Maybe I'll be able to do that.

Thanks for the really neat photo Dan.

Amazing what a closer look can provide!

When out at the beach it is worth slowing down taking a deep breath and looking around.  There are a lot of beautiful sights out there. 

There are some times that I really wish I had taken a photo.   Everything from a gazillion fish swimming through a wave that was above my eye level being back-lit by the sun so I could see the black outline of all the fish in the wave, to a time when it was foggy and raining and I couldn't see anything more than a few feet with a light gray mist surrounding me.   That was the most peaceful serene scene I can remember.   I can't really explain what it looked like, but it was amazing.

After what now appears to be the false hope provided by the predicted eleven foot surf, I don't see anything remarkable or hopeful about the near-term Treasure Coast predictions.  It looks like we'll be having something on the order of a four or five foot surf and a lot of southerly winds.  Not to promising for the near future on the Treasure Coast.

Only one day remaining for the blog poll, which I think is the most detailed that I've done.  I hope you'll respond to the poll if you haven't done so already. 

It looks like it will reveal some interesting and useful information.  I hope the holiday season won't hurt the sample size.

Happy hunting,