Thursday, December 5, 2013

12/5/13 Report - An Off-Center Post - Lockheed P-38 Buried In The Sand and A Well In A Living Room

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Lockheed P-38 Uncovered in 2010..

Sometimes you don't have to drive a long way to go detecting.  I've often talked about detecting your own yard, however here is something that takes it to another level.   How about having a 16th Century well in your living room?  That is what one guy found when he decided to fix his sagging floor.  Under the sofa was a 16th Century well, which he now has exposed and accessible from inside the house.  How convenient!

Did you see the picture where the well actually comes out in the living room?

I ran across the above photo and just thought it was really neat.  The plane was apparently buried in the sand since 1942 or shortly thereafter.  It does illustrate how things, even big things, can lie buried in shallow water for a long time and then suddenly appear.

Here is the link to that story.

Have trouble remembering your passwords?  Take this pill.   It causes your brain to emit a EKG signal that can be detected by a reading device.

Of course, then the crooks will get readers too.

Now that is far out.

There were experiments where small microscopic organisms were trained on a task and then ground up and fed to others of the same kind of organism and the training was transferred.  I haven't read about anything like that for decades, but this password pill reminded me of it.

I'm off-kilter today it seems.  I wasn't even going to do a post today, but did.  Just something a little different.   It seems like a big let down after we had a nice period of good hunting.

I had some other things that I hoped to do but didn't get around to yet.   For one thing I came across old home movies (8 mm.) showing JFK in convertible in a motorcade (not Dallas). Those are home movies which the world most certainly has never seen.  Someday I might get that posted.  I know it isn't metal detecting, but it sure is history.

Thanks in part to the revisions to the blog poll, it sees that some very good information is coming out of it.   I hope you'll participate.

The only thing in the beach predictions right now that seems possibly promising is about a week away when a 4 - 6 foot surf is predicted.  Until then nothing more than about three or four feet.  And of course the predicted 4 to 6 foot surf might not even happen.  On the other hand, being optimistic, it might be even bigger.

Happy hunting,