Wednesday, December 18, 2013

12/18/13 Report - First Rosie's, Nice 14K Chain, Weather Trends and Most Valuable Coins Lists

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14K Chain 
Find and photo by Michael E.
I like to celebrate "first" finds.  Today Michael E. reports that he found his first Rosie, actually two, a 47 and 55, along with a bunch of other things.

Michael E. says he has been detecting nearly 9 months now.  For a lot of us that doesn't seem very long, but Michael has been going at it hot and heavy and has made a lot of finds for that amount of time.  He'll be at it for at least another 20 years I'm sure.

He has been doing a little traveling as well as detecting locally.

Here is a nice long 14K chain he found and other finds shown below.

Here is some of what Michael had to say.

I hope this finds you well, going on 9 months detecting, crazy such a short time I know, and not a day goes by which I refer to your blogs insight and daily posts. Thank you again...  Found my first dug Rosie 1947 and a 1955, handful of wheats, 4 .925 rings 2 .925 earrings, 34$ in clad thank you coin star, and a intact 14k chain. I have secured permission from the board of directors at our local boys scout campgrounds to detect...

Congratulations on the nice finds Michael!  Thanks for sharing.

There is plenty to do when the beaches aren't doing too much.  And, as I always say, when you venture out and try new places and things, you'll often learn something new - maybe something about your detector and how to use it more effectively.

There are a lot of places to detect and, believe it or not, some of them haven't been worked yet.  You can expand your horizons if you ask permission to hunt some other areas.

More of Michael's Finds

Check out this site for the lists it provides of the most valuable coins.

At the top of the list is a $4.5 million dollar Liberty nickle.

Go all the way to the bottom to get lists broken up into types of coins and denominations.

This is a good site that you might find interesting and useful.

Weather trends continue.  While November was warm we are now in a cooling trend and ice packs are building up.  It snowed in Jerusalem already this month.

On the Treasure Coast the surf is small today.  The weather has been cool.   Much better detecting weather than the 90 degree 90 percent humidity stuff we get sometimes.

Don't expect anything more than a five foot surf before Christmas.

Conditions remain poor.

Happy hunting,