Saturday, December 28, 2013

12/28/13 Report - Medallion Returned, Values of Shipwreck Coins and Lost City Exposed

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I have a great true real-life Christmas story to tell today.  It is the kind of thing I really like to be able to post.

Michael E., who I'm able to mention in this blog every once in a while, has not been detecting very long - less than a year, but he has accomplished a lot.

In my 8/9/13 post I told about a diamond wedding ring set that he found and returned to the original owner after digging it up on the beach.  The news covered that story.

Here is how Michael recently played Santa's helper.

When I was in Tampa I also found this St. Christopher charm, I didn't mention it in my last (e)mail, due to the fact it was engraved and (I) was in process of finding the owner. Ended up finding the parents of the 11 year old that lost this charm back in 2009, so his father and I agreed that this would be gift wrapped and placed under the tree for Xmas. Also included is the email I received from the now 16 yr old who lost this charm near 6 yrs ago. Love this part of the hobby.

Here is the note that Michael received from the surprised owner who got his lost medallion back.

Thanks for the story Michael and for being such a good ambassador for the hobby!

I appreciate receiving reports of finds and especially reports of returned finds.

I wish you all, many happy returns.

Always check found items for inscriptions that will help you find the owners.  Many wedding bands, class rings, and other gifted items of sentimental value will be inscribed.

If you find an odd looking date such as 30/12/13 inscribed on an item you might wonder about it, but in Europe the day is written before the month, unlike most of the U. S. where the typical order is month, day, year.

I just read this article in which a very knowledgeable coin dealer discusses investing in shipwreck coins, specifically S.S. Central America Double Eagle gold coins, but the same principles apply to any shipwreck coins.

Even though the article is a few years old, which means you have to adjust the prices, it provides a lot of good insight on factors that determine the desirability and price of shipwreck gold coins.  Very worth reading.

Always watch for newly exposed earth.  Here is a story of falling lake levels exposing the remains of an old city where detectorists are having a lot of fun exploring.

I've had a lot of good stories, news articles and historical pieces to report lately.  I thought you would really enjoy the one on the army removing ordnance from the Treasure Coast beaches.

I'll soon be conducting another blog poll but have been waiting for the holiday season to be over before I do that.  The readership might be a bit different than usual during the holidays.

I also hope you like the better coin photos now that I have some good equipment for that.

On the Treasure Coast there isn't much good predicted for this week, but next Saturday a seven foot surf is predicted.  If that prediction holds, local beach detecting conditions could improve again.

Happy hunting