Monday, December 2, 2013

12/2/13 Report - December Treasure Coast Beach Metal Detecting Conditions & Reworked Poll

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Treasure Coast Beach Near Low Tide Yesterday
Updated 2:00 PM.

I had to remove and fix the blog poll which was not working properly.  The poll was not accepting multiple responses as was intended.  Now it is.

I also changed some of the wording and responses.  I think the poll was improved by the changes.  We'll see.

It is always nice to have real data about what is being found.

I made some changes that I already had in mind.   It was evident to me that some people were not interpreting a couple of the responses the way I intended.  LB also made some suggestions.  I hope the poll is working properly now and will give us better data than the original version.

Sorry for any inconvenience, and thanks for your participation.

Still Near Low Tide.

Notice the shells on top of the cut.

That was from a while back when the water and shells were washing up over the cut.  The water hasn't been that high for a while.

There were some scattered shells down by the water line too, but most of the shell piles were now covered again.

Sand Bar at Front of Beach Near Low Tide.
Notice the flat sand in front of the beach.  The sand bar is now connected to the front of the beach.

Many of the shells which you could see a few days ago are now covered by sand again.

I would expect to be able to find some encrusted objects on the low flat beach.

Cobs would be hard to find now.  My T. C. beach conditions rating is definitely a 1 (poor) now.

We had a good November this year.  December is not starting out so well.

Now the predictions have nothing but a 3 foot or less surf for about a week, so hunting will remain poor.

I'll try to get the poll fixed and started again with some slight modifications.

I know these polls aren't perfect.  My doctoral dissertation involved constructing a poll (not on metal detecting) so I know a little about the problems with polls.  No poll is perfect.  There is always a matter of analysis and interpretation as well as problems with data collection, yet they do provide information.  And the ones I've been doing on metal detecting provide information that is not available anywhere else.  I'm glad to have it and exercise extreme caution when making interpretations.

As you recently saw, I also combine the results of multiple polls.

I only have X number of characters to phrase the poll, so that is limiting.  Part of the way I deal with that is to do additional polls to provide additional detail, as well as comparing the results of multiple polls.

Anyhow, as I said, I'll rework the last poll and fix the technical difficulty and start it over again.

That is it for now.  I might have more later.

Happy hunting,