Tuesday, December 3, 2013

12/3/13 Report - Blog Poll Fixed, EO, Coin Hole, Silver and Gold Prices Drop, & Poor Conditions

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One of Two Encrusted Object Found by William M.
Photo by William.

The thing I'm most happy about this morning related to the blog is that the revised poll seems to be working well now.

If you responded to the poll before I shut it down and changed it, you'll need to respond to the new poll.  It seems to be getting at some good information for all of us.

Yesterday I gave my beach rating and a few comments including the probability of encrusted objects being found during the current beach conditions.  William M. went out and upon returning wrote the following.

Good morning.. I just wanted to confirm your rating. I detected through low tide yesterday in the rain..very few targets.. I hit one hole that was about a six by six foot area that I found all but one of these coins...they were on top of a shell layer about six inches deep. I found two encrusted iron objects low on the beach along with a few sinkers.

Thanks for the report William.  I'm always testing my thoughts and comments to see if I need to revise my thinking or if I can learn something.  I appreciate receiving the observations and reports of others.  They help a lot.

Coins Found by William M. in a Tight Hole
Photo by William.

William also confirmed the covered shell layer. 

I've talked about coin holes and lines before.

Also, it is not uncommon for objects such as coins to be found on top of a layer of shells under a few inches of sand.

Back a week or so ago, there were a lot of old thin pieces of aluminum mixed in with the shells.

When you hit a coin line or coin hole, detect very slowly.  Going back over the same spot a few times can produce smaller or deeper objects as the targets that produce louder signals are removed.

Gold has been taking a beating this year, going from above $1700 to down around $1200, or around $500 an ounce.

Chart from http://www.monex.com/prods/gold_chart.html
It is surprising how much you can gain or lose by holding or selling gold.

Silver is down too - now below $20 per ounce.

I'm expecting poor beach detecting conditions along the Treasure Coast for the next week.  Not only will the surf be no higher than around five feet, but the wind will be coming out of the South a lot.

Happy hunting,