Friday, November 15, 2013

11/15/13 Report - Another Find and Current Beach Detecting Conditions

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Found One Reale 11/15

The one reale to the left was found on the Treasure Coast today.   It is a little healthier than those I've been seeing.  It weights 2.1 grams.  Still very much under weight for a one reale, but that is what I've been seeing from beach cobs.

A one reale should be 3.4 grams, so it has lost about one third of its weight.

Maybe I'll get some better photos and detail later.

The big news for me is that cobs are still being found on the Treasure Coast.  And it looks like there will be more this month, which has already been a good month - one of the best we've had for quite some time.  As I've said, November has traditionally been one of the better months for detecting on the Treasure Coast.

This morning the cut that I showed yesterday was about a foot less high.  It had filled some.  The beach in front of the cut had a fairly steep slope to it.  Some of it was firmer than at other spots.

Near the front beach there was a shell pile along the swash area, but you could not see the shells.  The shell pile was covered by a few inches of sand.  The shell pile contained some larger non-ferrous targets that could not be removed because of the surf.

The surf is going to be decreasing for a few days down to around 3 feet and then increasing again up to around seven feet.  As long as this continues there is a chance things will continue to improve. The high tides are still fairly high, as are the low tides.

There are a lot of places to check out.  I'll keep a 3 rating on my Treasure Coast Treasure Beach Detecting Conditions Scale for now.

Below are some shots from a day or two ago of Treasure Coast beaches sent in by Joan T.
Thanks Joan!

Walton Rocks.
Tiger Shores
Blind Creek

Fletcher Beach.
As you can see, different beaches are different.  Some nicely cut, some not cut and some scalloped. I was a little slow in getting these posted, so you might see some changes, but it will give you an idea.

A needle in a haystack is nothing to finding cobs on the beach.

Happy hunting,