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11/27/13 Report - Treasure Coast Beach Detecting Conditions Downgraded,Trains and Times

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Shells at the Water's Edge
The wind was blowing out of the West this afternoon.  The surf was pretty flat, although there were some nicely formed but small waves.

The past couple of days I told you about buried shell piles.  Those shell piles were uncovered to some extent today.

Where I was, the sand bar had also separated from the beach at places.   There were plenty of shells both along the shore and on the West side of the sand bar.

I enjoyed actually seeing the shell piles that I knew were there even though in the past they were buried under a little sand.  They still held some aluminum bits.  I suspect there will be some EOs found now and perhaps a few spikes.

I'd also inspect shell piles for ceramics, sea glass, artifacts or fossils.

After seeing the beach today I'm going to downgrade my beach detecting conditions rating to a 1, as I suggested yesterday that I would probably be doing soon.

I don't see much hope of conditions improving again for a while.  At least we had some good hunting for a while.  It was long over due.

Below is a quick video clip showing the sand bar, separated from the beach by a small dip.  You can also see the shells collected on part of the bar and along the beach.

It was nice out there today.  To bad detecting conditions won't be better for the holiday.

Engine 30 Steaming Through Old Fort Pierce.

I don't know about you, but the Christmas season always makes me think of trains.  This blog is more about ships than trains, but I have a fondness for trains that goes way back to when my father bought and set up a huge Lionel train layout for me one Christmas when I was still a very small child.
I now realize what I had no idea of then - that it must have cost him about a months wages in those days.

That brings me back to Thanksgiving.  Many things have been done for us that we don't even know about or appreciate at the time.  Give it some thought.

The photo above is from the Florida State Archives which is one good resource for research.  If you look close, you might be able to figure out exactly where the scene is located.

We are getting a good number of votes on the blog poll.  That will make for some good results.  Thanks for participating.

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