Monday, November 18, 2013

11/18/13 Report - Gold Chain Find, Cash and Trophy Finds, & Treasure Coast Surf Predictions.

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Gold Chain Found on the Treasure Coast by Michael E.
Photo by Michael E.

Here is a nice find by Michael E., who was detecting the towel line.

With the weather and change in beach detecting conditions, I've been focusing on the treasure beaches, but there are still modern items to be found too.

You should have a strategy when you go detecting, with two or three plans that will allow you to respond to what you see when you check out various beaches.

Don't get too narrowly focused.  Be adaptable and be ready to respond to what you see at the beach.  If conditions one place look bad for one type of detecting, have another plan.  Be ready to respond to whatever opportunities may appear.

Here are a few comments by Michael.

I did go to the treasure beaches Fredrick [Douglas] and John [Brooks] during what seemed to be peak detectorist times. Should have brought coffee and donuts. Met some great people who were genuine and some who were not. ...  Anyway no luck on detecting cobs, but the post today reminded me off my youth during weekends we were at the flea market often in palm beach, spent my candy money on "cool" coins and the 1818 one pictured is one of these. I have binders full of coins from those. Been hitting it hard, with a lot of junk, clad, 2 .50cal casings. Couldn't sleep last night went out and hit what I bought was a silver medallion and chain in the towel line. Woke up cleaned the pouch and was pleasantly surprised. 14k chain and religious trinket, in tact. ...

And here is one of the coins he talked about.

Photos by Michael E.

King Ferdinand VII, as I showed in the list of kings in my post yesterday, reigned from 1808 to 1833.

Thanks Michael, and congratulations on your finds.

A 1946 Cleveland Browns championship trophy was found in a box in a garage.

And a man found $98,000 in a desk that he purchased on Craigslist.  See what happened next.

Here is the big news for me today.

Here are the surf predictions for the Sebastian area.

Note the eight foot surf predicted for Thursday, and also for the following Monday.

We've been having some nice surf patterns.   The surf has been peaking, decreasing and then peaking again.  It has already happened at least two or three times and looks like it will happen at least once or twice again.

I usually figure a six to eight foot surf is about what is needed to do something good to the beaches.

Of course, the direction of the waves is important too.

It looks promising at this point for more good hunting.  This has already been a good season.

I'd put a 2 rating on my Treasure Coast beach conditions scale right now, and would expect that to be increased to a 3 after Thursday.

Happy hunting,