Friday, November 22, 2013

11/22/13 Report - No Improvement in Treasure Coast Beach Detecting Conditions

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Treasure Coast Beach This Morning.
I went out this morning to see if the higher surf did any good.  It didn't.  At least not where I was.

Of the two beaches I looked at, this is the best looking one.   Yet it looked no better than it has the past two days.

Again the surf only got up to the foot of the cut.  That is one important thing I wanted to see.
  The sea weed is still at the bottom of the cut.

Maybe you can tell from this photo that the beach is slightly convex.  In most places, except for a covered shell line about half way down towards the water, it was soft.  Overall, not very good.

The shell line held some old beat up pieces of aluminum.  There could possibly be something interesting in with that, but the probabilities are not very good.

The other beach that I saw looked like this one except it had no cut at all,  It just sloped gradually up to the flat dry beach.

The waves have been coming in from the East the past couple of days.  That's not good either.

Same Beach as Above.

The photo to the left is the same beach.   I can't tell exactly what it is, but from that view alone my conclusion would be that it doesn't look good.

I didn't look at many beaches, but from what I did see I feel confident that overall conditions around the Treasure Coast have not improved enough to give a 3 rating on my beach conditions rating scale.  I'll stick with a 2 for now.  Conditions still deserve more than a 1 (poor) rating.

The next couple of days the surf will be decreasing so don't expect any improvement right away.   After that though, the predictions are for an increasing surf again.  We'll have to see how that turns out.

The predicted surf out a few days could be enough to improve detecting conditions, if, and that is a big if, other factors are right.

I checked out various beach web cams such as the Sebastian Inlet web cam and didn't see anything that would change my mind.

Web Cam Looking North From Sebastian Inlet This Morning.

Here is one example, looking north towards Bon Steel.

Nothing interesting there.

In fact if all the beaches looked that bad I would be back to a 1 rating.  Fortunately there are some beaches that are slightly more promising right now.  It can be spotty.

The other night I caught a TV program on the Weather channel that I really enjoyed, Prospectors.

It is a long ways from the Treasure Coast, but it is still about treasure.  And, although I really enjoy Colorado, I've never gone gem hunting.

Here is a link to some clips from the TV show.

I think you'll enjoy it.

I'm getting the feeling that the best beach hunting is over for a little while, although there is the possibility that things will get better again.

Happy hunting,