Wednesday, November 20, 2013

11/20/13 Report - Beach Conditions, Higher Surf Expected Again, Citrus County Artifacts & More

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The beach didn't look very good this morning.  There was sand filling the front beach in front of  where a nice cut used to be.  And lots of sea weed.

Here are a couple of pictures of the beach that I saw today.

In the top photo you might be able to see the convex front beach.

In the bottom photo, you can see how the cut has filled.

There were a few targets though.

The previous high tide had barely touched the foot of the cut. 

A four to six foot surf is predicted for today.  Tomorrow something more like a seven foot surf is expected.  That might be enough to improve detecting conditions again.  That could open the window of opportunity again.

Artifacts from many different time periods were dredged up as a Citrus County Spring was cleaned out.  You'll want to see this one.

An old safe given for scrap metal turns out to be loaded with gold and silver coins.

You might remember how Dan B. found and returned a couple nice rings.  I posted that story in my 5/30/13 post.  Dan submitted the story to Garrett and they published it in the Vaughan Garrett November issue.  Contratulations Dan!

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I'm having a few internet problems again.   That is it for today.

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