Saturday, November 2, 2013

11/2/13 Report - Capped Bust Half, News Story on $300,000 Treasure Coast Find & Eight Foot Surf Predicted for Treasure Coast

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Part of the $300,000 Treasure Found by the Schmitt Family
This Summer Off of Fort Pierce.

Photo from the ABC News Story linked in this post.
Treasure Coast treasure hunters were recently featured on ABC News.  You already know the main story.  I posted it this summer shortly after it happened.  The story is about the Schmitt family finds off Fort Pierce at the Nieves site.

Here is the link to the new tv coverage.

I just went through the SedwickCoins auction results for the internet-only auction held Friday.  Here are a few things I noticed.

No lots in this session went for more than $2000.   Six or seven lots brought between one and two thousand dollars.  A good number of those lots consisted of 10 or more coins or cobs, so the average per cob for those multiple item lots was generally somewhere around $100.

The most common price for lots in this session was between one and two hundred dollars.

The encrusted silver coins from the Fort Capron treasure that I talked about yesterday sold for about $170.

There were a number of lots that did not sell.  They might be offered again.

Browsing a large number of lots like that will give you a good idea of the typical price ranges for certain types of cobs and coins.  Of course prices will vary considerably depending upon particulars and condition.

1837 Capped Bust
Find and Photo by William M.

Beverly L wrote in and said the following.   Saw your blog post about the lead sheet you found. Can you uncrumple it? In several 16th century Spanish shipwrecks spare unused sheets, folded up, were found which were thought to be used for spares to repair damage to existing sheathing. You may have found one of those. They are usually 5-9mm in thickness.

Thanks Beverly.

I haven't tried to straighten it out.  So far I wanted to leave it as found.  Was also afraid of breaking it.

I've been showing a few old coins found on the Treasure Coast.  They were all very worn.

Here is a 1837 Capped Bust found by William M. near the Treasure Coast.  It is also heavily worn.

Nice find William!  Congratulations.

Some of these are worth big money if they are in good condition.

The big news for me is the predictions of a bigger surf on the Treasure Coast.

We haven't had much for quite a while.

The predictions are not only showing four to six feet for the middle of next week, but also up to eight feet for next weekend.

If we actually get up to an eight foot surf after a period of four to six foot surf, I'd bet that I will be increasing my beach detecting conditions rating significantly for the Treasure Coast.

Not only does it look like we'll be getting a bigger surf, but it looks like it will be for several days.  That should do something good for us.

Happy hunting,