Thursday, November 7, 2013

11/7/13 Report - New Find, Calmer Surf and Building Beach Today, What Next?

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Reale Found by William M.
Photo by William M. 

The Treasure Coast isn't the only place where beach hunting is good right now.  I just heard from Kenneth H.  (You might remember Kenneth's comments on Florida history.)  He told about some hunting he was doing down south.

Unable to make the trip to the Treasure Coast due to other obligations, here is part of what Kenneth said.

I hit a local public beach finding conditions and results as I had expected. Many coins being tossed at my feet where the beach was flat enough to receive and hold them. I lasted only 4 1/2 hrs, eventually getting dunked on the beach by a few rouge waves. Found one steel toe ring and nearly $7 in change. The Excalibur's performance was top-rate. I finally took it into the water, fighting waves and hitting targets, but could not dig them fast enough before they were pulled from under the coil. Hope to get up to T-Coast in the next 3 weeks--

I'll post more of Kenneth's comments some other time, but I did want to remind you that we have a very long coastline and if you want to look around there are some good internet resources that will help you.  On my reference link, for example, there is a link to a web site that provides pictures of the Jupiter area beaches.  I checked the web cam, and they are having some good waves down there too.  This is just a reminder that you can check various areas along the coast by using the internet web cams and other resources.

Most of the reales I've been seeing lately are on the small side, mostly under-weight half reales.   Some have good detail, but most have lost significant material to corrosion and wear.

Before this started I told you that it looked like this might NOT be one of those quick one or two day deals.  It lasted for three days already.  I don't know if it will start dwindling down now.  From what I've seen I'll reduce my beach detecting rating from a 3 to a 2 for now.  Hopefully, I'll be able to increase that again very soon.

Today and tomorrow the surfing web site was saying we would have up to a six foot surf.  To me it looked like the surf was a lot calmer today.  Saturday the surf is predicted to be up to a seven feet again.  I'm skeptical based upon what I saw today, but I'm sure they can predict better than I.  I'm hoping they are right and we get some more sand-banging waves.

Don't forget that sometimes good things are found long after the surf decreases, and you can get down to detect closer to the water line.  It is possible, despite my current skepticism. that we mightactually have an even longer period of good conditions.  It was a long time coming, and it came when a lot of you were about to give up.  It has been very slow for the past two or three years, for sure.

I guess three simulataneous good days are pretty exceptional in any case, and that is what we had.

Surf Today After High Tide 

4 -5 Foot Cut at Same Location.

The above photos show that today's surf was much calmer than it has been the last two days.  And the cut, although it looks good, is not as good as it looks.  The sand is now mush in front of the cut and the beach is now convex.  Sand was building up in front of this cut.  I'm sure there are other places where the sand was being removed though.

Summer is gone now and beach conditions are changing.  It often happens this time of year.  November to February have been the top months for teasure beach detecting in the past.  October or November is the typical turning point.  The past couple of winters, though, haven't been much good.

My personal best day for cobs back years ago was a very cold December day.  I was living in South Florida then and made a stop on the Treasure Coast on my way up to North Florida.  There was ice on some of the bridges on 95 up North.

About four years ago, I think it was, we had a nice early October storm.   And then there was Sandy, just a little over a year ago.

I know of one small area that produced cobs continuously for three days.  Not today though.  Too bad.

Happy hunting,