Monday, November 25, 2013

11/25/13 Report - Reales Found on the Treasure Coast and Beach Detecting Conditions.

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A two-reale and two one-reales.
Found on the Treasure Coast.
I went out this morning and was disappointed by what I saw.  Despite the strong north wind yesterday the water didn't get up high enough to wash away any sand.  Very disappointing.

There were two area where there were signals on the beach, but they were signals from thin pieces of old aluminum.  One area was with the sea weed below the old partially refilled cut and the other was down by the water with the buried shells.

I always recommend digging junk targets.  One good reason is to remove them, but another good reason is to get an idea of where all kinds of things are located, and at the same time you can develop a mental map of the beach profile.

It is not insignificant to find out where targets such as aluminum have been deposited.  That is part of the picture.

The wind was coming so hard from the North yesterday I was really hoping for better beach conditions than what I saw, but I only saw one beach so maybe I missed the good spot for the day.

From what I can tell, it hasn't happened yet (as of this morning).

The wind has changed and is now coming in almost directly from the East.  I'm starting to think we won't have any improvement in beach conditions at least until the cold front comes through.

I'm definitely not going to upgrade my beach conditions rating yet.  I'm stuck on a 2 for now, and that is a low 2.

I need to look around at some other beaches when I find time.

One reader sent in photos of these reales that he found last Thursday.   The one that shows the cross in the photo very clearly appears to be a Mexican minted cob.  They are all 1715 Fleet cobs.

The same person also recovered an olive jar shard encrusted with an iron object, a small ballast stone, and two pieces of lead hull patches with canvas markings present.   Maybe we'll get to see some photos of them too.

Really nice finds!  Thanks much for sharing.

The blog poll is progressing nicely.  It is always nice to know what people have found.   It helps put it all into perspective.  What your chances are, etc.   It also helps me validate my beach conditions ratings. 

When I find get a better idea of how many items were found I get an idea if my rating might have been too low, too high or right on.  That helps me be more accurate with my ratings.  I think it will be interesting to compare the number of finds this month to the number found back after Sandy.

Thanks for participating in the poll.

It seems to me that the biggest treasure is perhaps a grateful soul.  

I've heard it said that the happiest person is the person who is content with least.

Anthropologists from USF were denied a permit to exhume and study the remains of boys buried at the Dozier School for Boys.  The case illustrates and interesting conflict in ethics or lack of same.

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