Sunday, November 24, 2013

11/24/13 Report - Indian Head Pennies and Higher Wind and Surf Predictions

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Fort Pierce Surf Predictions from Magic SeaWeed.

The wind picked up this morning on the Treasure Coast about nine o'clock.  It was blowing pretty much from the North.  That is a good thing.

Later, more like around noon, we got rain and more wind.  And the wind continued to come from the North.

The wind and surf predictions is what I'm interested in today.

According to the predictions, we're going to have something close to a seven foot surf on Monday.  If the wind continues from the North through tomorrow, there is a good chance we will see some erosion.

There has been some filling where the beaches previously eroded, so it will probably take a little time to get back to previous levels, but when and if it does, we should start seeing treasure again.

Also, the predictions are for another increase in surf again the following week again.  That has happened a few times already, and I'm not unhappy about it.

There hasn't been a lot of difference between the high and low tides lately.

I've had a 1 (poor) rating on my Treasure Coast Treasure Beach Detecting Conditions Rating Scale so much this year that November has been a welcome change.  I'm holding with a 2 rating until we get some additional improvement.

The early results on the blog poll look interesting.  If you haven't participated yet, I hope you will.

Below are a couple of recent Treasure Coast beach finds that aren't cobs or treasure coins.

Indian Head Finds.

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