Thursday, November 28, 2013

11/28/13 Report - Happy Thanksgiving - Bigger Surf Predicted

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I wasn't really going to talk about detecting today but something popped up.  Did you see the prediction for Saturday, December 12?   They are predicting up to a nine foot surf.   Of course we don't know for sure that the surf will actually be that high when the time comes.  On the other hand, it could be even higher.

We've certainly had a good November this year, especially compared to the past year or two of unremarkable beach conditions.  December could be even better.

In a day or so the blog poll will be complete and we'll be able to get some good information from that.

Some nice cold air moved into the Treasure Coast and we have a nice seasonably cool Thanksgiving.  It makes for nice brisk detecting weather.

I've mentioned in the past that my best cob day ever was back a number of years ago a day or two before Christmas when it was so cold that there was ice on some of the bridges on 95 North.  And the beach was blowing and my fingers were freezing.  At the time I wasn't as climatized to Florida weather.  That helped.

People say that your blood thins.  That isn't exactly what happens.   When a person is exposed to cold the peripheral blood vessels constrict and the blood redistributes from the extremities to the core where it is kept warmer.  A person who does not experience much cold seems to lose that adaptive response to cold over time.  I learned that when I conducted biofeedback research in the old days.

Anyhow, what was on my mind this morning is Thanksgiving.  I was reminded of a time when I went to a hospital to visit someone.   As I approached the hospital, the automatic doors popped open and two people with bent distorted bodies emerged in their electronic wheel chairs which they were controlling with a joy stick.  It seemed to be difficult for them given that their hands and arms were contorted in a painful looking way.   But what caught my attention most was the fact that they both had big beautiful smiles.  That reminded me that it is possible to be happy under difficult circumstances, and also, to be unhappy in fortunate circumstances.  The difference is attitude.  That is why today I'd suggest a little mental detecting.  Yes I said mental detecting.

I don,t mean ESP or anything like that.  What I mean is looking inward and detecting those attitudes that contribute to or inhibit success.  A cheerful optimistic attitude not only tends to make a person happier, it also contributes to success.

But today the one attitude that I wanted to mention most is thankfulness.  It is good to be thankful, but even better to express it.

I am thankful for much.  I have two good working arms, legs, hands and feet, and a head that works fairly well.  I didn't really earn that.  It was a gift.

I had parents that faithfully did their best for me.  And that was very good.

I wasn't born in a third world country.  I don't have to constantly struggle for the basic necessities of life.  I grew up in humble circumstances, but always had much more than I needed.

None of that can I say I really earned or deserved any more than most people that don't have it all.

To sum it up, I'm thankful and hope you are just as blessed and thankful today.

Happy Thanksgiving,