Friday, November 8, 2013

11/8/13 Report - 1715 Fleet Gold Found on Treasure Coast, Silver Too.

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I told you about one small area on a Treasure Coast beach that produced a number of small reales this week.  I showed one of those cobs the other day, here is another from the same area but a day later

This is obviously also a half reale bearing a Philip monogram.  It is similar to the one previously shown that had a P assayer mark.  This one was certainly not produced with the same die though.  It is different in several respects although similar in others.  This one is about the same size and weight as the previous one.

One thing different about this one that makes me curious is the big round circle just to the right of the middle of the S.  You can see that in the photo.  This one, like the previous one that I showed, seems to have a pomegranate of something between and below the P and S.   Just another example of some things that have been found this week.

The bigger news is that gold has been found this week.  One piece that I have not been able to personally verify but have heard of is an 8 escudo.   Maybe I'll get a photo of that one.

A good section of a gold olive blossom chain was found by another person.

I think this week turned out even better than when Sandy passed by.

Below is a short video of a Treasure Coast beach near low tide this morning.  Note the surf.  It was fairly calm.  The sand up in front of the cut was mushy, but not so mushy down by the water.

Another Treasure Coast Beach Shortly After Low Tide This Morning.

On the second beach note the sea weed.  The cut was created a few days ago and then filled some since then.

Amazing how much difference a little sand makes.  One beach that was producing day after day shut off after a little sand came in.  Of course the erosion had basically stopped then too.

This morning the wind was calm and the surf was fairly calm too, especially when compared to earlier this week, but it began to pick up around 10 or 11 AM this morning.  Maybe we'll get some more cutting.  The surf is supposed to be up to 7 feet tomorrow.  If the predictions are correct, it will then gradually subside down to about 2 feet by Wednesday and then jump up to about 8 feet Thursday.   From the looks of things, there is a good possibility I'll be increasing the rating on my Treasure Coast beach conditions scale again soon.

That is very encouraging.  Maybe we'll get something like a repeat of earlier this week.

The above surf chart is from which you can access from the link on the main page of this blog.

The strongest storm on record with wind gusts up to 235 miles an hour hit the Philippines.  That is sad.  That will cause some real damage.

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