Wednesday, November 6, 2013

11/6/13 Report - TCTB Detecting Conditions Rating of 3 Maintained, More Finds Being Made

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Other Side of Find Shown Yesterday.

I'm always trying to improved the accuracy of my beach detecting conditions ratings.  I'm always learning, and am happy with my latest ratings, which appear to me to have been very accurate.  I increased my rating from a 2 on Monday, to a 3 on Tuesday, and I know of more things that were found after both my ratings increases.  That helps me validate my ratings.

Today some of the Treasure Beaches looked a little better than they did yesterday. and cobs were found today.

It seems like the hot spot at one of the main treasure wreck beach has moved from where it was a few years ago.   In fact, from my experience, the hot spot has been gradually moving more south the past few years.

Several cobs have been found the last few days in a very small area, which seems to me to be the new hot spot.

Above is the photo of the other side of the find that I showed yesterday.  It is a half reale weighing .5 gram.  Minted in Mexico,  between 1650 and 1663.

I suppose my scale is accurate.  I'll have to test that.

The assayer mark (P) can be seen left of the bottom of the large P in the monogram.  It is very clear and is a definitely a P.

The M of the OM is also visible just above that.

The P mint mark is found on Mexico cobs from the year 1650 through 1663, meaning that it was minted at least 350 years ago.

In my 10/4/13 post I gave the proper weights for the various denominations of cobs.  If you recall, a half reale should weigh a little over 1.7 grams.  This only about one third of the proper weight.

Most beach found reales weigh in less significantly less than the proper weight.  Although some were originally minted under weight, it only makes sense that 300 years of tumbling in the ocean will cause loss of material, although most that I've found have not been nearly so much under weight.

You can tell that it is a Mexico minted coin from the cross on the side shown yesterday.

This side shows a Philip monogram.  It would mot likely be Philip IV.

If you look at this half, particularly to the right of the S, it looks like it broke or wore off there.  It is also thin, very much like others that have been found at the same location.

Here are some of the South Hutchinson Island Beaches as seen yesterday afternoon.  All of these photos were taken by Joan T.    Thanks Joan.  That is very helpful.   I can't be everywhere, and today I didn't even take my camera out.

Waveland Beach
Walton Rocks Beach

Normandy Beach

Beach South of Frederick Douglas
Frederick Douglas

Some beaches are more cut than others, as I said yesterday.  These photos show that.

Like I said, I know that cobs are being found.  I'm going to maintain my 3 rating on my Treasure Coast beach conditions for now.  The surfing web sites say the surf will stay about the same for a few days. I thought the surf looked smaller today than yesterday, even more than was predicted.  I wouldn't be surprised if the beaches start to deteriorate before long, but we'll have to wait and see.  In a few days we have a six foot surf predicted again.  I would like more north wind, but it looks liked the wind has died down.

I might be showing more cobs that were found this week.

Until then,
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