Tuesday, November 26, 2013

11/26/13 Report - Shipwreck Spike Found, Wallet Returned, Gold Coin in the Pot and More

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As you probably know, I like to celebrate firsts, and we've had some lately.  Well this is Michael E's first shipwreck spike find.

Congratulations Michael!

For the ninth consecutive year, someone has deposited a gold coin in a Salvation Army kettle.


For those who have found FEC lead seals, here is a web site on railroadiana that shows a sealer that was used to make lead seals.

Ive shown a few lead FEC seals in this blog in the past.   The web site on railroadiana also shows other interesting railroad items you might find interesting.


A homeless man found a wallet in a trash can at an Atlanta hotel and searched until he found where the owner was staying and returned it.

Now the hotel where the person was staying wants to find the homeless man and reward him.  Here is the link for that nice Thanksgiving story.


I didn't get out since yesterday morning to see what is going on at the beach, but my bet is that conditions did not improve.  I'm expecting a beach conditions rating downgrade very soon.

According to the surfing web sites the wind is out of the south now.  That seems like what I see out of the window.

The surf will be decreasing on the Treasure Coast for a day or two and then increase a little again, but only a little.  I don't see anything right now that would make me expect an improvement in beach detecting conditions anytime soon.

Unless I'm surprised by something, I'd expect a conditions rating downgrade any day now.

Happy hunting,