Thursday, December 11, 2014

12/11/14 Report - A Variety of Really Nice Recent Land Finds. Take A Look.

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Find and Photo by Dan B.
Here is a cool find by Dan B.  It is an antique toy Texaco railroad tank car. 

It has several things going for it as a collectible.  It would be of interest to old toy collectors, railroad enthusiasts and those interested in petroliana. 

That wasn't all Dan found, but it is one of my favorites.

Here are some more of Dan's finds at the site.

Miscellaneous Finds by Dan B.

Here is a photo of some of Dan's finds.  Notice the toy tank car near the brown bottle at the top left.

Also, there are a couple of embossed pepsin syrup bottles.

Some of the small metal objects look interesting too.

Here is one of those.   

Find and Photo by Michael E.
Michael E. has been doing a lot of land hunting around the Treasure Coast area and making a lot  lot of interesting finds.   Here are some that he listed -  1909 wheat non Vdb, 1905 Indian, a dozen smaller buckles and suspender clips, shield fob with the outline of where a swastika was attached. 1932 Washington hatchet stick pin, amid some other brooch and hat decor.  Concerning a backyard hunt by he and William M., Micheal said, it seems like we dug hundreds of bullets. William recovered a 1902 Indian, and I recovered a version 2, currently unable to see date shield nickel.

To the left is one of those finds.  Very nice.  Congratulations Michael!

And below is a FOB with the imprint of a swastika.  Again, very nice find Michael.  Congratulations! 

I wanted to show some of the older things that people have been digging around the Treasure Coast.  I planned on posting some of these earlier but had to show the big waves yesterday.

Find and Photo by Michael E.
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