Tuesday, December 9, 2014

12/9/14 Report- Big Waves Little Erosion This Morning. Beach Detecting Conditions Upgrade.

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Big Waves This Morning.
The water got far back on the beaches this morning.  The water was almost as high as during Sandy.  At John Brooks there was a shell line back just in front of the dunes.  I got excited when I saw the waves and how far he water got back on the beach, but there was no erosion.  It was pushing the sand up and back.

The video below shows what it looked like at Seagrape Trail.  The water was hitting the face of the cliff and causing it to erode, but that was all renourishment sand. And the sand that was falling off of the face of the cliff was staying in front of the cliff instead of being washed away.

It was very mushy in some places.  I sunk in the sand up to my knees a couple of times.   Mostly the sand was piling up.  There will be a few places where you'll find some cuts, but you'll have to hunt those few places out.

Most of he beaches from Vero north still had a good bit of renourishment sand.  I didn't notice any places were the old sand was being exposed.

Wabasso This Morning.
You can see the renourishment sand in front of the dunes here.  That is the problem with most of the Vero/Sebastian area.

Golden Sands park was closed.  A renourishment project was taking place there.  Treasure Shores is now open.

Amber Sands Looking North.
At some places it looked very much like it did after Sandy. 

Notice that in the picture above there is no erosion, just a slope, and there is still renourishment sand protecting the dunes.

I'm upgrading to a level two Treasure Coast Treasure Beach Detecting Conditions Rating, but that is all for now.

I suspect that a few shipwreck items will be found.  There might be a few things washed up.  The front beach is getting pounded.  It will be hard to get out on the front beach until the waves calm down. 

There might be a few cobs that appear on the flat beach, as they did after Sandy.

I'd like to hear from anyone who attended the Robert Marx seminar who can fill us in on any pertinent details or conclusions.

Happy hunting,