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12/27/14 Report - Baby Ring. Finding The Density Of An Unknown Object. Hoard of Blades. Le Griffon Shipwreck. St. George.

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Baby Ring.

Yesterday I showed a heavy pendant.  This is a small item - only .025 troy ounce. 

It is less than a size 2.

You might want to get a mandrel so you can determine the size of rings you find.  They are not expensive. 

This one acid tests as gold filled. 


Yesterday I mentioned calculating the density of objects to help determine the composition.

Here is a web site that explains the basics.

And here is a table of densities for most common metals.


A hoard of sword and knife blades was found by a detectorist. 

Two blade fragments, a scabbard fitting, a multi-edged knife and six copper ingot fragments were discovered by Adrian Young a few metres apart...

Here is the link for more of the story.


Le Griffon vanished in 1679 on its way to the Niagara River from Green Bay, Wisconsin and it stayed hidden in Lake Michigan until just two years ago.

Here is a video,

Picture of St. George submitted by Jerry R.
Jerry R. sent this picture and said the picture on yesterday's pendant is St. George slaying the dragon.  I'd say that is right.  Thanks Jerry!


On the Treasure Coast the surf is still calm.  Tomorrow it is suppose to bump up to around five feet or so, however I'm not see anything but East and South winds predicted, so don't expect much out of that.


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