Friday, December 26, 2014

12/26/14 Report - Heavy Gold Pendant. Gold Investing. Archimedes Principle For Calculating Density To Help Identify Metals.

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Half Ounce 14K Gold Pendant.

I hope you had a good Christmas. My hope is to try to make every day special in some way.  I know I'll falter from time to time but with determination might actually do a little better than in the past.


The medallion in this picture is heavy.  It measures exactly .5 troy ounces.

It appears to be a sailing ship depicted on this side.

I didn't find any karat stamp on it, which is unusual for modern gold items, but it acid tests to 14K.

Below is a picture of the other side.

Looks to me like a guy on a horse spearing a dragon.

In front of the horse it looks like the piece has a signature.  At first to me it looked like it said MONET, but when I took a closer look, probably not.

I took a closer photo of what appears to be the signature. See the closeup photo of the signature below. 

What do you think it says?

Maybe MONS_.   The last character seems jammed in and is hard to make out.

Also also below is a picture of the edge showing how thick the pendant is and how high-relief the image is on the pendant.

Signature Right Side Up - I think.

Well, if you can figure out the signature, let me know. 


If you find or buy gold coins or bullion for investing, you might wonder which would appreciate more.  That is what one fellow asked. You might benefit from the response found on the following web site.


Here is the mystery object found by Robert H. on a scale.  It weighs 35.7 grams.

Archimedes principle could be used to calculate the density of the object.

That is too much for me to deal with early in the morning on the day after Christmas though.

Maybe some other time.

There are tables that give the density of common metals.  I posted a good table like that one time.


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The surf on the Treasure Coast will be one or two feet until late Saturday when it will increase.

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