Wednesday, December 31, 2014

12/31/14 Report - High Water and Shifted Sand On Treasure Coast. Rare Coin Sales. New Coin Laws.

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One Beach This Morning Showing Shells On Flat Beach and Cut Back Near Dunes.
 I took a look at a few beaches this morning.  The water had been high recently.  You can see cuts back near the dunes.  And there were a lot of shells on the flat beaches back to near the dunes.

Here are some pictures from his morning.  Pardon the rain drops on the camera lens.

The sand had been shifted around.  There were some interesting beach features.

Same Beach Shown Above Showing The Front Slope and Small Cut In Front Of Shell Covered Flat Beach
Shells On Flat Beach
Surf Running Around Three Feet This Morning.
Another Beach This Morning Showing Small Cuts This Morning

The Professional Numismatists Guild said that in 2014, rare US coin sales topped 5 billion dollars.

A 1787-dated gold Brasher Doubloon sold for nearly 4.6 million dollars in 2014 and was one of a dozen United States rare coins that sold at auction for over one million dollars in 2014.

A bill has been introduced in the US Senate that includes a few provisions that would impact coin collecting.  If H.R. 5196: Unified Savings and Accountability Act becomes law, among other things, it would prevent the US Mint from producing coins that have a face value less than the cost to produce, which according to one article I read would include both pennies and nickels.  The bill also provides for a one dollar coin to replace the note.  Some say the bill has little chance of passing.

A Collectible Coin Protection Act was signed into law.  The law strengthen legislation against selling unmarked reproduction coins.  I doubt that really does much good. 

Here is a link for more on that.

Despite the fact that sand and shells were shifted a bit, I'm not increasing my beach detecting conditions rating.

Yesterday I posted the results of the poll concerning favorite finds of 2014.  Take a look if you didn't see it.

I got some interesting ideas on yesterday's mystery object.  I'll post them after I get some more.

Happy New Year!