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12/20/14 Report - West Palm Beach. Detectorists Find Hoard of 200 Viking Coins. Another Treasure Trove Found.

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West Palm Beach 12/18/14
Photo by Joe D.

Joe said this was formed when the water was high, but he didn't find any older items there.


It is always nice to find a hoard.  There is one older yard in Florida that has produced hundreds of silver coins.  I don't have permission to talk about it yet, but hopefully someday soon.

A trove of 200 Viking coins that was uncovered in a field in North Jutland is considered to be one of the most significant archaeological discovery in decades.
A team of three amateur archaeologists, the youngest just 16 years old, found the silver coins using metal detectors last September in a field near the northern Jutland town of Strandby.

The coins date back to around the year 990...

Here is the link for more of that story.

Amateurs with metal detectors make a lot of important discoveries.

While restoration work is being undertaken at the star fortress Kastellet in the centre of Copenhagen, archaeologists from the Museum of Copenhagen, have had the rare opportunity to thoroughly examine areas of the historic military site. During the search a trove of coins, dated between 1649 and 1787, was found.
The trove comprises nine copper coins and 23 silver pieces. In total, 620 metal objects were found in the area, including musket balls and other pieces of used or discarded ammunition.

Here is the link for more of that article.

On the Treasure Coast a very calm surf is predicted for at least a week, so don't expect any significant changes now.

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