Saturday, December 13, 2014

12/13/14 Report - Beach Detecting Conditions Rating Back To Poor. Atocha Dive Adventure For Christmas. 18th Century Cannon Found.

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One Treasure Coast Beach This Morning
The seas have calmed down.  The waves are smaller and the water is not getting up as high as it did a few days ago.  I'm reducing my Treasure Coast Beach Detecting Conditions Rating back to a 1 (poor).

Small Scallop On Front Beach.
There were some scallops on the front beach and a few tiny cuts.  See above.

It was pretty mushy except down near the water line.


Looking for a very special gift.  The Mel Fisher organization is offering a dive adventure which includes a week in Key West.  You can learn treasure hunting from the pros as you dive on the wreck site of the Atocha.  The cost is  $3,000 and includes... luxury accommodations, welcome BBQ hosted by the Fishers, a VIP tour of the museum and the Fisher's conservation lab, 3 days of diving and a beautiful wind and wine sunset sail. The best part? You get to keep up to $3,000 in authentic treasure.

Use this link to learn more.

Since the wind has calmed down, the Magruder and Dare crews will be working on the Atocha wreck site.


An eighteenth century cannon was found in a turning basin at Miami.   In 1919 a number of cannons were found in the same area.

Here is the link.

Thanks to Jorge Y. for the link.


The swells are back down to around two or three feet and are predicted to stay that way for a week or so, so don't be expecting any significant change in beach conditions for a while.

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