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12/19/14 Report - Buying A New Detector. Cheap Batteries. Viking Find In Canada. Deadly Shipwreck.

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Two Nice Railroad Tags Dug by Michael E.
Great photo Michael! Thanks.
I've been thinking of buying a new detector, but haven't made the decision yet.  I have one in mind and pretty much decided on that, it is just a matter of pulling the string and spending the money - something I am always slow to do. 

In this case I seriously doubt if it would be cost justified.  What detector would be best is always a complex matter that depends upon a lot of things.  One thing to consider is your reason for detecting.  That is what my blog poll is about. 

One way to make the decision is a cost/benefit analysis.  It is really difficult to figure out how much you would find if you had one particular detector over another.  I suspect that in most cases the actual benefit of a new detector is over rated, yet a few additional quality finds is all it takes.

A cost/benefit analysis is most relevant if you are one of those people who detect primarily to improve your financial situation.  If you detect mostly for fun or some other reason, a cost/benefit analysis would be less relevant.

There are many factors in choosing a detector, and where you live and detect is one of the more important factors.  Having detected in different areas of the country, I've been very impressed by the importance of location.  It makes a big difference where you are.  One area might offer ten times the amount of quality finds as another area. As one example, South Florida is hugely different from the Treasure Coast in both the number and type of finds


You can get an eight pack of AA batteries at Dollar Tree for one dollar.  I'll be testing those cheap batteries to see how they perform.


Can you believe we are less than a week from Christmas 2014?  It seem like it wasn't but a few weeks ago that I was sitting here doing the first post of the year, and now the year is almost gone.

Christmas can be stressful.  With all the shopping and trying to find the perfect gift for everyone and trying to get family together, it is easy to get stressed or disappointed.  Instead of getting stressed, remember what is important.  It is more important to celebrate the day and enjoy the time and people.  Don't let all the expectations turn into disappointments.  Forgive, forget when it is generous to do so, remember the blessings, and keep joy in your heart so you can give it to others.  Joy, love and peace are among the best gifts.

I've been blessed in life.  I can look back on those who cared for me knowing they did the best they could.  I'm grateful for that.  Maybe they made some mistakes along the way.  How can I say?  I'm sure I did.  They were just people too.   I couldn't want any more.


A small stone artifact recovered from a Paleo-Eskimo site on Baffin Island is important evidence of a Viking presence in Arctic Canada around 1000 CE, says a team of scientists led by Dr Patricia Sutherland of the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

Here is the link for more.


A man was stranded on a small island for five days before being rescued.  Here is that link.


Here is the story of the Golden Gate's deadliest shipwreck.


On the Treasure Coast we'll have a very calm surf through Christmas if the predictions are correct.  That means poor beach detecting conditions but easy water hunting.

Happy hunting,