Thursday, December 25, 2014

12/25/14 - A Christmas Story. Wishes for a special day.

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An Antique Christmas Greeting Card
Received by grandpa in 1909.

A Christmas Story.

I am lucky - very lucky.

I woke up with a smile on my face today.  It was the result of years in the making. 

I thought about dad.  He's gone now, but I appreciate him more than I ever did.

He was a tough man.  He didn't know how to play.  He didn't know how to be silly.  He never had the chance when he was a child.  Life was too tough.  He didn't want it to be that way for me.  He must of had a gentle spot on the inside.

He didn't know how to play, but he knew how to give.  And he gave more than he ever had.  He gave more than he knew, and I'm not just talking about things.

Grandma made a big deal out of the holidays.  That is the kind of person she was.  She liked to do things.  She did everything she could to create special times.  Grandpa went along.  He was always good for a giggle.

None of them are on this earth now, but they are still here. Grandma's homemade ornaments hang on my tree.  The cheap little dolly she dressed with scraps of fabric and adorned with a crown of cardboard covered with glitter is honored at the top of my tree.

My mom is still here.  She is the only one of the older generation remaining from my childhood.  She struggles without dad and grandma and those who made memories for her in the past.

All of that could sound sad, but it is not.  Those who are no longer here created wonderful memories -  memories as lasting and real and beautiful as the ornaments on my tree.  Today I'll get together wih mom and craft more memories to go with those that I already have.  I hope I can make new memories for mom that are as nice for her as the ones she made or me.  I'm glad I have my wife to help me with that.

Create the best memories you can today out of whatever you are given to work with.