Friday, December 5, 2014

12/5/14 Report - Treasure Coast Beach Conditions Report. Orion Launch, Typhoon. Plaques Washing Up.

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Treasure Coast Beach This Morning Just After High Tide

I went out to check the beach this morning just after high tide.  I saw exactly what I was expecting to see.

The beach was back close to what it was a few days ago.  The cut has been fluctuating one way and then another every couple of days.

The problem is that the waves are hitting directly from the East.  The sand and objects falling out of the sand are laying right in front of the cut.  The slope is fairly steep and very mushy.

I did find a number of coins and very little else in front of the cut.  They were spread out several yards apart, but the cut ran for hundreds of yards.

The objects coming out of the sand were most often just two or three yards from the bottom of the cliff.

If the waves were hitting the cliff from a good northerly angle, it would be washing the sand away.  As it is, neither the sand nor the coins are going very far.

You can see some seaweed at spots, such as by the bend in the photo above.

Another View of The Cut This Morning.
The cut was generally about three to four feet.

The coins were being washed out of the sand rather than being washed up. 

The best I can say about the beaches now is that they are transitional.  Based upon the surf and wind predictions, I'm not expecting good conditions for at least a couple of days yet.

The surf is supposed to decrease a small amount until Monday when it is supposed to begin increasing.


The Orion launch that was scheduled for Thursday and cancelled, took place at 4 AM this morning.   It will splashdown in the Pacific.


Unusual plaques have been washing up on beaches around the world.


Super typhoon expected to hit the Phillipine Islands.


Don't forget the Robert Marx Queen's Jewels seminar today at FIT.  Go back a couple of posts to learn more about that.

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