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12/29/14 Report - Gold From Panama. IPhone Apps For Detectorists. Lassale Watch Find.

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Gold Plaque From Ancient Panama
Source: Popular Archaeology link in this post.
For more than a thousand years, a cemetery on the banks of the Rio Grande Coclé in Panama lay undisturbed, escaping the attention of gold seekers and looters. The river flooded in 1927, scattering beads of gold along its banks. In 1940, a Penn Museum team led by archaeologist J. Alden Mason excavated at the cemetery, unearthing spectacular finds—large golden plaques and pendants with animal-human motifs, precious and semi-precious stone, ivory, and animal bone ornaments, and literally tons of detail-rich painted ceramics.

Here is the link for the rest of the article.

This LASSALE looked nice, but I didn't know what it was exactly. I found out that LASSALE is a high-end Seiko.  This one is in good condition. 

I found a similar non-working one listed on eBay for $100.

Nice Looking Found Watch.

I think a lot of watches are missed because of discrimination.

Example of Photo Taken
With Mag Light App
Submitted by Dan B.
Many readers access this blog using an iPhone.  Dan B. alerted me to the fact that if you use a phone to access the blog you might have to look for the blog poll.  Here is what he said.

Thanks for the reminder about the poll. The cell phone website doesn't have the poll unless I scroll down and select view web version. I usually forget to vote. I like the bar graph to the side.

He also pointed out a couple of apps that he likes to use.  One of those apps ... is called Mag Light and is a magnifying glass camera with flashlight adjustment. This is just the free version. So you have to deal with the Ads.

He sent the picture to shown here to illustrate how well the app works.  The photo is of a dug lipstick case.   Nice photo!  Sounds useful.

He also told about another app, about which he said, The other app that I am starting to like is called Trail Maker. It allows you to name multiple locations and identifies them on a nice satellite photo that you can zoom in and out. Also let's you add pictures if you find something.

There is only a few hours left to respond to the blog poll. 

I'm not expecting any significant change in Treasure Coast beach detecting conditions in the next few days.

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