Thursday, December 4, 2014

12/4/14 Report - Windy Rainy Day On The Treasure Coast. Silver Hoard Found, Carved Fossil Shells May Help Rewrite History. Turning Trash Into Cash.

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The wind picked up this morning and it was coming from the northeast.  We're supposed to have somewhere around a five foot surf today.  Then in a week or so maybe up to seven or eight feet.  That is the kind of surf that will normally improve conditions, and it is supposed to be from the North too.  We'll have to wait and see if that really happens.  As I've often pointed out, the longer range surf predictions aren't very accurate.


A 100-piece silver hoard including coins and jewelry was uncovered by archaeologists.  Here is the link to that story.


Fossil shells collected in the nineteenth century were being photographed when human markings were noticed.  Some think that discovery could rewrite the history of human evolution.  The engraved and worked shells are thought to be at least 300,000 years old.

Here is the link to that story.


One day some time ago I posted about collecting trash finds and turning them into cash.  Here is a quick video showing how much money one detectorist got for scrapping the junk copper, lead and brass that he dug.


I think we need to start a protest against crime and a support the police movement.  They aren't perfect, but for they are generally better than the criminals they have to deal with.  My advice for those who don't like police is just stop crime.  That is one good way you can put the police outwork.  If we didn't need them we wouldn't have them.


If I looked at the current predictions and picked out the best looking day to do some beach metal detecting on the Treasure Coast , right now I'd pick Dec. 10.  I would not be surprised, however, if things change again before then.

It also rained along the coast again this afternoon.  I'll do a reassessment of beach detecting conditions tomorrow.

Don't forget the seminar at FIT on Friday.  If you don't know about that, see my previous post.

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