Monday, December 8, 2014

12/8/2014 Report - Increasing Surf Expected For A Couple Of Days. Treasure Coast Beach Conditions Mostly Unchanged So Far.

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One Fellow Caught By the Roving TG Beach Cam
While Detecting Sunday.
Yesterday I went out to see how the beaches were progressing. 

Beach conditions had deteriorated slightly since Saturday.  Where there were cuts, they had filled some.

The length of the cut at one renourished beach has been getting longer, now running a few hundred yards.  Too bad it is in  renourishment sand.

The second picture shows one nice two-foot cut.  You can tell something about how long that sand has been in place from the root development that has been exposed.

One good thing about places like that is that the weeds will trap coins and items below he cut.

Two-Foot Cut As Seen Sunday.
Overall, I'd rate beach conditions poor at this point.

The waves seemed higher at some places than at others.  There were a good number of surfers where the waves were well formed.

Below is a quick video that shows the waves and a little surfing.

If you look closely you can see a surfer coming from the top left of the screen.  He's out there a ways so looks small.

Below is a beach that has cut and partially refilled a couple of times in the last week or so.  Yesterday it was pretty mushy out front.   This is the same beach shown in the coin pattern distribution illustrations that I showed yesterday.
Note the sea weed.

Some of the guys that have been land detecting lately have been coming up with interesting finds.  I'll have some of that for you tomorrow.

Today the surf is supposed to be a touch higher - 4 - 6 feet or thereabouts.

Then tomorrow the surf forecast is even higher - more like 5 - 8 feet.
That prediction has remained unchanged for a few days. 

The wind direction today and tomorrow on the Treasure Coast is supposed to be from the North.

If we can get the swells hitting more from the North, we might see improved conditions.  That is what I'll be watching for and hoping for. 

After that the surf predictions are saying we'll have reduced surf. 

Happy hunting,