Thursday, December 18, 2014

12/18/14 Report - Another Type of Once-In-A-Lifetime Find. Calm Surf and Poor Beach Detecting Conditions.

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There are once-in-a-lifetime finds.  They aren't always big things like the Atocha or Queen's Jewels.  Sometimes they are little things, but you just don't expect to ever find another one.

Here is one of those for me.  It isn't a gold coin.  I don't really consider them once-in-a-life time.  I've found two of them in one weekend.  One was from the 1900s and one from the 1700s.   I don't ever expect to find two from two different centuries in one weekend again.  But what I'm talking about today is something different.

You can see it here.  You probably can't tell what it is.  It isn't the best picture.  I haven't been able to get a really good picture of it. 

It is a wax seal.  I'll try to point out some of the detail in another picture. 

When you look up wax seals you'll mostly find the lead or carved stones that are used to make an impression in the wax.  This is the wax with the impression on it.

I don't ever expect to find another.  I find it hard to believe that I even found one.  It was eye-balled  at the edge of the water on a calm surf day, very much like today.  The sky was blue and the water was calm. 

It was found at Turtle Trail.

But the thing that amazes me is that the wax lasted so long.  It was evidently covered by sand and protected.  I don't think it could ever have survived very long in rough surf.

I tried to highlight some of the details in this picture.

The shape seems to be four double lobes. See the red outline.

Inside is an eagle.  To the right, I drew a red line around the one wing.  You can see it best in the picture.  I outlined the head of the eagle, some of the body and the leg feathers.

Below is another image of a wax seal which is similar but not the same.  It shows about the same type of eagle, with wings spread, leg feathers, turned head, etc.

There are no words that I've been able to see on the wax seal I found.


The surf on the Treasure Coast today was very calm.  It was almost like a summer beach again. 

The cuts that I showed a few days ago are mostly filled again.

The front of the beach shown in the first picture below had a lot of new mush sand on the beach front.

Treasure Coast Beach As Seen Near Low Tide This Morning.

The above video shows the calm surf gently lapping at the beach.

There were some shells and pieces of fossils.   There might be a surprise like my wax seal.  You never know.

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