Tuesday, October 11, 2016

10/11/16 Report - One Of The Oldest Hurricane Matthew Finds and A Couple Others. Matthew Erosion.

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My Oldest Find From Hurricane Matthew
This item is thousands of years old, perhaps tens of thousands.  I hope Fred Dengler will tell me for sure.  His email didn't seem to work the last time I tried it.

It is definitely a fossil tooth.  I believe it is that of an extinct horse.

Did you know that horses migrated from America to Asia and Europe and then died out in America before they were brought to America by the conquistadors and explorers?  

I did find other fossils.  They are definitely the oldest finds I made in the past few days.

Piece of Copper Sheathing Find.
Finds that were not so old were made as well.  Above is a piece of copper sheathing, for example.

I need to clean up some other things before making pictures.


It seemed to me that the water hit and eroded the dunes.  In most places it was only eroding renourishment sand rather than getting into the old sand.

There was one place. as I already said in a previous post, where the sand that was uncovered was old sand.  In fact, I don't believe that sand had been exposed since the 1970s.  It had been buried under tons of renourishment sand.

After the dunes eroded that sand scattered onto the beach.  Either before or after that, the beach front eroded, however after that new sand washed up onto the beach front.  That washed up sand only covered the front of the beach.

Just in front of the dunes, several inches of light-colored renourishment sand covered older brown/red sand.

A similar thing seemed to happen along much of the Treasure Coast and most of the beaches.

Areas of erosion could happen at any time this week with the higher surf and northeast winds.  There is a good northeast wind this morning.  All it takes is for the waves to hit an area at the right angle under the right conditions,  Erosion can be limited to certain beaches and small areas.

I'm maintaining my 2 beach conditions rating, which I think will remain in effect for a few days.

I haven't heard of may finds yet, but will do a poll, maybe after this week.

Happy hunting,