Friday, October 14, 2016

10/14/16 Report - Damage To Vero Walkway. Beach Renourishment Coming Soon. 1715 Fleet God Coins To Be Auctioned Soon.

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Damage Caused by Matthew Along Walkway In Vero
Photo submitted by John
This is a part of Vero that a lot of wreck hunters don't visit, but cobs have been found in the past down around the town of Vero Beach,  especially in front of the Holiday Inn.

Below are some photos I took yesterday.  I could see no reason Turtle Trail and Seagrape Trail accesses were still closed other than the evidence of survey work, which is not much of a reason.

Damaged Deck Just South of Turtle Trail Access
Survey Markers Just South of Turtle Trail Access Yesterday
I think you'll be seeing another renourishment project along the Vero/Sebastian coast as soon as turtle nesting season is over.

No Big Changes At Wabasso Yesterday 
We're still having high water from Nicole and the King Tide.  I saw sea weed washing up on some beaches yesterday.

I'd rate Treasure Coast beach detecting conditions at no more than a 1 (poor) on a five point scale.

I'm eager to see the water go down so I can get to a few spots that have been covered.


Gold coins from the 2015 salvage season are going to be auctioned soon.

"In addition to the 224 coins discovered in 2015 by 1715 Fleet-Queens Jewels there are 71 shipwreck coins from the 1715 Fleet found during their two earlier underwater expeditions in 2010 and 2013 that now will also be available to collectors for the first time," John Albanese of Bedminster, New Jersey, the dealer who brokered the deal to acquire the never-before offered coins. "There even are coins they discovered inside a ship’s cannon," he added.

Here is the link.

Thanks to TEK for this link.


Last night "Boatopsy and Booty," an episode of Rosewood on Fox, aired.  I did some consulting for that episode and was eager to see what the writers would use and how it would come together. It was fun to see some of my info incorporated into the story.  It was also fun to see some of the places I used to hunt down around Miami and how things have changed.


Thanks to everyone that sent emails with info and pictures.  It has been a busy and hectic week and I didn't get around to everything, but will be slowly catching up in the next several days.

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