Sunday, October 30, 2016

10/30/16 Report - Condition of Some South Hutchinson Island Beaches.

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Detectorist Below a Cut At Jensen Beach.

Yesterday I took a look at some of the South Hutchinson Island beaches a little after high tide.  There were a number of detectorists on the beaches.  

There was a small cut and dip where the detectorist was in the picture above.  Jensen beach had eroded significantly in the past few weeks.  Still it is not back as far as it was maybe 15 or 20 years ago.

Looking North From Frederick Douglass Beach Yesterday
Frederick Douglass Beach has a low flat front beach.  You can see two detectorists in the picture above.  Note also the seaweed.

John Brooks Beach Looking South Yesterday
There were some small scallops at John Brooks beach.  You could see a few peaks along the high tide line.  The front beach at both Frederick Douglass and John Brooks was pretty mushy.

Looking Down Over a Five Foot Cliff at Fort Pierce South Jetty Beach Yesterday.
This beach is almost back to what it was before the most recent renourishment project.  It seems to me they've lost close to a hundred yards of beach in the past year.  Coins are being found here along with some cheap jewelry.  Notice, however, the seaweed, as some of the sand comes back.

It is better than summer conditions, but not good enough for me to upgrade my treasure beach conditions rating.  Mostly you'll find modern stuff and perhaps some encrusted conglomerates or something like that.

I intend to continue my discussion of strategies sometime soon but just don't feel like writing much today.  That is all for now.

Happy hunting,