Saturday, October 8, 2016

10/8/17 Report - Tons of Detectorists On Treasure Coast Beaches Today. Beach Detecting Conditions Improved.

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Amber Sands Beach South
I never saw so many detectorists.  It seemed there were more detectorists than grains of sand this morning.  They were at every beach in numbers.

John Brooks beach was open.

Turtle Trail and Seagrape Trail was closed but there were cars parked all around the entrance and people were walking in.  Turtle Trail had more cars than Seagrape Trail.

Wabasso Beach was open.  Many detectorists were there.

Golden Sands was closed but people were parking outside and walking in.

Treasure Shores was open.  Detectorists were there too.

Amber Sands South

Amber Sands was open and there were a lot of detectorists to the north.

The State Park was still closed.  There was a Sheriff's car at McClarty.  Many detectorists were parked and walking in.

The beaches that I saw didn't look particularly promising.

John Brooks Beach This Morning.
Wabasso Beach This Morning
In the above picture you can see a detectorist in the foreground and there were many farther down and in the other direction.

None of the beaches looked great although the water had been high. From the places I saw, it seemed there had been some filling after the original erosion.  There was loose sand piled up on the fronts.

There was erosion to the cliffs and dunes.  Conditions were not great, but I did not see all the beaches.  I did not enter where the beaches were closed, so I could have missed some of the best spots.  From what I saw I would rate conditions no better than a 2 on a five point scale.

There was some sand exposed that hadn't been exposed for a number of years.  Some of the erosion was into newer sand.

In summary, I'm sure there will be some cobs found.  There were so many people covering so much ground, that I feel certain of that.  John Brooks did not look promising at all.  Wabasso just a touch better.

I saw some of the hard core guys and also some beginners and children.  It seemed like everybody was out.

My best bet today was one of the closed beaches.

Happy hunting,