Thursday, October 6, 2016

10/6/16 Report - Strong Winds Expected Thursday Evening and Friday Morning For Much Of The Florida East Coast.

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Five Am Update.
Here is the five AM update.  Not much change.  Still looks like Matthew will be very close or over land as a major hurricane.  Not much time left for hurricane preparations.  

There were gas stations on the Treasure Coast that were out of gas yesterday.  Governor Scott says we have reserves on supply.

Latest Surf Predictions That I Have.
You can see that we still have a bump very late Thursday followed by a dip after the hurricane passes.  Then we have a second bump after the weekend.  I told you some of the risks yesterday.  Don't be foolish.

I'll be very busy and may or may not have an interruption in power or internet service.  As a result, I might miss a day or more, but I can't say for sure or when.  

Mandatory evacuation is in effect for many coastal areas along the Treasure Coast.  There will be power outages.

That is all for now.

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